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Interested in Training? Read This First:

In your kit will be all the tools you will need to perform a procedure on at least 10 people.

You will learn how to perform the procedures, all the techniques, education on skin types, how to choose pigments for your clients, after care as well as pre care knowledge, brow mapping, health code, and how to set up your machine and sterile tray for each client.
PRIOR TO TRAINING: You will need to obtain your tattoo license which I can help you with once your deposit is paid. 25% of the full amount is expected to hold your seat for trainings and is nonrefundable.

Academy made to teach you all about the art of Permanent Makeup

& the art of Business. 


I am here to help you every step of the way to make sure you are successful.
I will give you all the tools and knowledge I have and save you a lot of time going through trial and error like I did myself. 
Call me, Amber Hall,  at 941.214.0472 to learn upcoming dates and times of Trainings.

Included in ALL kits: PMU Machine, Needles,  Pigments or Ink (depending on which training), Pigment Cups,  Micro Applicators, Instruction Manual, Eyebrow or Lip Mapping Tools,  Thermal Printer (for fine line tattoo training),  One on One with the Selected Models & Certificate for Course Completion. Many other small accessories that are needed per each individual service. 


Microblading & Powder Brow Training


3 days + 1 shadow day

I do this training once a month. Contact me to see when the next class is happening!

I teach both microblading & ombre brows because not everyone is a candidate for microblading so I believe it is very important to learn both so you can make any client happy and have all the education so you can educate your client. 


Fine Line Tattoo Training


3 days

Learn how to give people body art that that can love forever. Full kit with machine, thermal printer, ink, fake skin, hands on models, manual, a shadow day & many other things you will need to be successful is included. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 1.18.18 PM.png

Lip Blush Training


2 days

Kit & Certification is provided.

Machine Theory, Needle Sizes and Usage , Skin Anatomy, Client Consultation , Lip Designs and Shapes , Proper Stretching Techniques, Skin Tone, Color Selection, and Color Mix,  Tools and Materials: Setting Up Your Work Station, Aftercare, Sterilization & Disinfection, Hands-on Practice on Artificial Skin and on a Live Model,  Business Setup and Requirements & Marketing your business

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